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  • Money Back Assurance Program with IVF and Surrogacy

    This option is for Intended Parents who need both IVF, egg donation, and a surrogate.

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Ukraine is growing in world-wide popularity for surrogacy.

Here are some statistics you might not know about surrogacy in Ukraine.


Number of live births via surrogacy in Ukraine in the last 10 years (most of which have been in the last two years)


The yearly average of surrogacy cycles done in a typical Ukrainian clinic


The number of Ukrainian clinics licensed to do surrogacy


The percentage of foreign intended parents pursuing surrogacy in Ukraine

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Our Approach

"Throughout our entire process, we took the approach that we would only provide this service if we felt we could provide the surrogacy experience we would want for ourselves on every level: medically, philosophically, and ethically. We felt so strongly about this that we made it part of our mission statement."