TO OUR FUTURE CLIENTS: We regret to inform you that all services in Ukraine are currently suspended due to the ongoing conflict. We continue to support our wonderful partners, colleagues, and all citizens of Ukraine through this difficult time and will let you know when our services will resume.  In the meantime, we are fully operational in the US and Georgia. 


 How Does It Work? 

As professionals with almost 20 years in the industry, we take the selection and vetting of our surrogates very seriously. All surrogates have been both medically and psychologically screened before their profiles are even sent to you and have been interviewed extensively by our very experienced staff.  Ranging in age from 20-35, our surrogates have all had successful, problem-free pregnancies of their own and for the most part, are educated, professionals.

In addition to routine medical screening, we also conduct drug testing before starting the surrogacy process and provide ongoing support before, during, and after pregnancy. We provide ongoing psychological counseling to our surrogates as well as a monthly food stipend, prenatal vitamins, and an allowance for maternity clothing.

As in any surrogacy done in the U.S., a surrogacy coordinator will manage the logistics of your surrogacy, making sure the surrogate makes all her appointments and keeping you informed every step of the way. In addition to managing the process during the pregnancy, we will also be of assistance once you come to Georgia for the birth. We arrange everything from hotels to appointments with local pediatricians after the birth. We’ll even help you with things like car seats and clothing. Needless to say, we will also take care of all the necessary documentation you will need to take your baby home and start your life as a family!

How Does the Embryo Transfer Work?

Once you’ve chosen your donor with the help of our donation coordinators, we will then need to make arrangements with your local clinic to collect your partner’s semen for processing. That semen will then be frozen and sent to our clinic in Georgia for injection into the donor eggs (at which point they will become embryos). Based on the quality and number of embryos, our embryologist will then determine how many to transfer either to you or your surrogate.  If you have your own frozen embryos, the same process would apply.

If you prefer, you can always provide fresh semen at our actual clinic in Georgia. Should you decide to take this route, we will be happy to assist you with travel arrangements as well as any documentation you will need to complete this process.