We at Nest Abroad Surrogacy wanted to be able to offer our intended parents every possible option on their journey to become parents. We were especially determined to find a way for those intended parents who were financially tapped out from unsuccessful rounds of IVF or even failed adoptions. To that end, we explored clinics all over the world, vetted their programs, and spent our own time and money (OK, fine, one doctor bought us dinner but we decided not to work with them) traveling to see them in person. We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with a handful of clinics in Ukraine and Georgia for egg donation and surrogacy.

While we still support and manage egg donations and surrogacies in the U.S., and think it is the gold standard place in the world to pursue assisted reproduction, we are very proud to be able to offer Ukraine and Georgia as an option for those intended parents who find surrogacy here cost prohibitive.

If you are interested in our U.S. surrogacy program, feel free to visit our sister site, here! We’ll be happy to get you started no matter where you want to start your family!