The most important thing to us is your success. We want to make your dream of having a family a reality which is why we have given so much thought and put so much research into creating the best possible surrogacy experience for intended parents who pursue surrogacy abroad. We completely understand how scary surrogacy is in general, let alone in a foreign country. We also know that making these decisions based on finances can feel like jumping into a financial and emotional abyss. Add to that the landmine of misinformation and opportunists on the Internet, and it can be an incredibly frustrating experience. This is why, as professionals in the field of assisted reproduction, we want to help you fully understand this process, weed out the fly-by-nights, and have a happy, successful surrogacy.

We want your journey to be a positive one and we are honored to help guide you through. Just like surrogacy in the U.S., surrogacy in Ukraine can be a great experience provided you make informed decisions about each step.